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Pastor Sylvester and Minister Barbara Williams
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Easter Ad

April 10, 2004

Durham HeraldSun Newspaper

We the believers in Durham For Jesus celebrate the resurrectionof the Lord and Savior Jesus the
Christ, the only Begotten Sonof the Living God. It is through His passion and love that we as
believers have the mandate to intercede in the affairs of the community of the city of Durham. This
Passover/Easter we are inviting all believers within the Durham Community to join with us in
proclaiming righteousness for the city.

The turning away from the truth as espoused by our Lord has led to a breakdown in the family, gang
violence and continued racism within our city.  The family, which is the strength and support for
every moral society, has been attacked by the increase in the number of divorces, the casual
attitude towards premarital sex and the debauching of marriage by the approval of same sex
benefits.  We believe that marriage is an institution given by God to mankind for procreation,
intimacy, security and the continuity of life. Adultery, premarital sex, pedophilia and homosexuality
are all deviant lifestyles. Any path of deviance from the model given by God through His Son Christ
Jesus will lead to the ruin of a society.

This is being attested to by the violence amongst our young people. The delinquency can be directly
traced to the family breakdown.  Ninety percent of the young men involved in the juvenile justice
system lack a father in the home. To decrease the gang violence and juvenile delinquency fathers
must take responsibility for their boys. We the churches belonging to Durham For Jesus have
participated in and will continue to lead any initiative to reconcile young men back to their fathers.
We believe the parents are best equipped to provide the discipline and guidance needed by our
young people.

Our schools must be held accountable for the perpetuated atmosphere of racism.  The continued
teachings that darker-skinned people have a closer origin to the animal kingdom and lighter skinned
people are more evolved are myths that perpetuate racism within our schools. Evolution and
Darwinism are both racist emblems so deeply embedded in our society that the so-called
intelligentsia cannot see the harm they have done. Jesus our Lord said that as man thinketh so is
he. The teaching that we evolved from animals and through the evolution process some people
evolved more than others encourage the thinking of the dehumanizing of society and the separation
of the races. These attitudes are expressed in the random violence and total disregard for life and
continued bickering from city leaders on racial issues. We believe that the Heavenly Father through
His Son Jesus created all life after its kind and did not make distinction in people based on skin color
or hair texture.

Father. During this Passover/Easter season reflect on the love of the Heavenly Father and receive
His Son Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

His Son Christ Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Pastor Sylvester Williams, Minister Barbara T. Williams, Pastor Zella Williams Anita Hawkins, Marshall
Williams, Lillie Mae, Anna Brooks
-----Original Message-----
From: Timson, Beth []
Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 11:02 AM
To: Williams, Sylvester
Subject: RE: C.R. Wood Park

The playground at C. R. Wood was one of the first renovated with the 1996 Bond money.  In 1998
(according to the DPR files), here's what was spent on the park:

Total :,175                                 

The remainder of the ,867 was spent on (1) a survey of the park and (2) design and engineering

Obviously some things have gotten into poor repair in the last 5 - 6 years, but the playground at C.
R. Wood is still better than that in some of the parks which haven't had any funding since the 1970's.
 In the most recent budget, the City Council did allocate some funding for further playground
renovation, and those parks which have not had any repairs at all will be the priority ones.  DPR was
not given any funding for any other park renovations other than funding for repairing 5 athletic fields.

Beth Timson


-----Original Message-----
From: Williams, Sylvester []
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 10:28 AM
To: Timson, Beth
Subject: RE: C.R. Wood Park

The community is in disbelief that ,867 was placed into the park.  Can we get an itemized listing of
the renovation cost.  

-----Original Message-----
From: Timson, Beth []
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 12:35 PM
To: Williams, Sylvester; Rodriguez, Guillermo; Blake-Reid, Lori
Subject: RE: C.R. Wood Park

Mr. Williams, I am forwarding your complaint to the City's General Services Dept., which is the
department that makes all of the facility repairs. By the way, in response to an earlier question, I
wanted to let you know that the C.R. Woods Park playground was renovated in March, 2000, for ,867.

Thanks very much for your interest in keeping the park safe.

Beth Timson

-----Original Message-----
From: Williams, Sylvester []
Sent: Thursday, June 10, 2004 12:17 PM
Subject: C.R. Wood Park

Mr. Dantzler has submitted a request to you but has nto received a response. Please the following
are urgent matters of safety.  The lights outside the building at C.R. Wood Park are out.  These
would be the lights over the entrance door and the light showing the building sign.  We have yet to
get the pole light replaced.  The flourescent lights within the building need to be replaced.  

Pastor Sylvester Williams
President Hayestown Community
What's New
The ASSEMBLY at Durham Christian Center
TADCC News Archives
Sent:    Friday, February 02, 2007 8:31 AM
To:    ''
Cc:    ''
Subject:    East End Connector

I am Sylvester Williams the Pastor of The Assembly at Durham Christian Center and the President of
Hayestown Community.   I and the community love Durham.  When the number of homicides in
Durham increased to historical highs we began to pray to the Heavenly Father in the name of  His
Son King Jesus for a halt to the senseless murders.  Last year the Lord honored our prayers, but we
are continuing to pray until homicides in Durham are eliminated.

We as a community are against all 4 options that  include building the Highway Connector through
our community and East Durham.   The fifth option which is the no build option is the option that we
support.  The DOT told us that another alternative, widening existing roads has not even had an
impact or feasibility study.  We also suggest that this option be looked into more closely.

Hayestown Community has a long history that speaks to the pride and hard work of a black
community that has endured Jim Crow and racism.  I am a third generation living in Hayestown.   My
grandmother came to Durham to build a home after seeing her mother's land stolen from her on her
death bed.   Mr. Lee, who is 84 years old, recalls the C.R. Woods Park as being his playground
while young.  His family has lived in this community over 100 years.

How long will the policy of benign neglect go on toward the older established black communities.   
The request to put a library in East Durham was rejected, request for improvements to the park
have been largely ignored. We that are old enough, remember Hayti and what it contributed to the
community.  However  the decision  made to dislocate the businesses in Hayti to run Highway 147  
was also part of the same plans to run the East End Connector through the heart of another Black

We as a Black community believe that the decision to dislocate the businesses in Hayti was racist.   
All of the road plans were born out of a racist past that had no respect for the contributions made by
low paid hard working African Americans. Things that we as a community are proud of.  Indeed we
still see vestiges of this racist past and the annihilation of long standing African American
businesses.  Consider Pan  Pan Diner and Scarborough Funeral Home.  

Eighty percent of the people in attendance at one of our community meetings are senior citizens or
retired.   Many of these people own their homes and/or have no mortgage.  Where do they go, what
type of life will they live if forced to relocate. For many of the residents, as with my grandmother, real
estate is all they have to pass on to the next generation.  Will you continue to insult them and take
away this last bit of dignity for those that have worked so hard to leave something to their family

Though our community may not be the richest, it still has people that matter.   It was Abraham
Lincoln that intimated during the Civil war when both sides were praying to God for victory, that God
through His Son King  Jesus is on the side of  right, not might.
News on the Proposed East-End Connector:

A community meeting was held on January 29th.
Pastor Williams represented the interests of the
Hayestown Community at the Durham City Council Meeting
on Monday, February 5th, 2007.

Copy of Pastor Williams Email to City Council Regarding the Proposed East End Connector

Response to Pastor Williams Email Letter to City Council members

NC DOT Response

Articles      Herald-Sun Feb 5th     N & O Feb 6th     Herald-Sun Feb 7th

Link to TV News Story on Issue
Think You Know All About Hip Hop?

Come join us for a revealing look at the world of Hip Hop in G. Craige
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The Truth Behind Hip Hop
followed by a discussion on Hip Hop’s influence on today’s youth and
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Date & Time:     Thursday, March 1st @ 6:30 pm
Location:     Hayti Heritage Center             
       804 Fayetteville Street            
Durham, NC  27701


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Minister Barbara Williams
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